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Overtoun Bridge, at Dumbarton, Scotland is the haunt of the world's greatest dog leaping mystery. With over 100 dogs leaping from the walls and parapets of this ancient bridge what might lie behind this terrifying canine phenomenon?


Have teams of animal experts, scientists, ghost hunters, psychics, and dowsers solved the riddle? Did the bridge's wealthy builder Baron Overtoun hold the key to unlocking the mystery? Or is it the ghost of his wife Lady Overtoun who is responisble for spooking the dogs on the bridge? 


Author Paul Owens has four decades of personal experience with Overtoun and uncovers its dark, supernatural past.  With ghosts, presences, shadows, spirits, and strange energies, all being experienced around the bridge, might the paranormal offer a clue in solving this canine mystery?





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© Joe Porter
The Official Book Launch,
Dumbuck Country House Hotel,
Dumbarton, Scotland, June 28th 2018
© Joe Porter
Author Book Signing
We were joking because we knew the history of the bridge but thought there’s no way dogs jump off. As we said that we saw Sophie jump off.


The Sun







It happened instantly; it cleared the parapet wall without even touching it, no-body threw anything; something just gripped it; something went through it like a poltergeist. I’ve never seen the dog jump that high either; it was a powerful jump, and the best I’ve ever seen.


The  Baron of Rainbow Bridge

Dogs have leaped from Overtoun Bridge in all seasons, and from every part of the viaduct. With teams of scientists, animal experts, psychics, ghost hunters,  and dowsers all visiting the bridge there has been little agreement between mystery hunters as to the cause of the dog leaping phenomenon. But they are agreed on one overriding fact: it happens!


Paul Owens


In Norse Mythology the Rainbow Bridge was a walkway that stretched between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, (the realm of the gods.) Those who crossed it did so into the divine world and from the divine world into this one.



The famous Poem "Rainbow Bridge", describes a bridge where dogs cross into the afterlife. Overtoun Bridge is the only real life Rainbow Bridge in the world. It has been dubbed "a thin place" where heaven and earth have overlapped, and where supersensitive dogs are sensing a portal into another world.

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