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Man Behind The Mystery
Baron Overtoun   


Baron Overtoun was born in at Hayfield, Rutherglen 1843. He was a virtual billionaire who had the dream of building a magnificent and unusual bridge next to his family castle at Dumbarton, Scotland. A deeply religious Calvinist, he believed that his bridge had been given to him by God. Yet a strange darkness would imbue his holy creation which for over a century has plagued the bridge.

The Bridge Before The Bridge

Before Overtoun Bridge was built in 1895 a sparse wooden walkway spanned the great chasm between Overtoun Castle, and the adjacent Garshake farmlands.  It was here that the dream to build Overtoun Bridge began.  It was to become the jewel in Baron Overtoun's crown, but misfortune, and mystery would follow the bridge all of its days.


The Bridge of Mystery is Born


This is one of the earliest known photographs of Overtoun Bridge in the late 1800's.  It is alleged that even from this time, a number of Baron Overtoun's own hunting dogs which he kept on the estate to hunt pheasant and foxes leapt over the bridge to their deaths.


Overtoun Bridge Today

Overtoun Bridge renowned the world over as the spookiest bridge on earth. It is here in all season's that the world’s greatest dog mystery has been occurring for over a century. It is estimated that at least 100 dogs have leapt from its walls and parapets without explanation.

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